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Enneagram | Type 7 - Enthusiastic Visionary

Clifton StrengthsFinder Top 3 | 1. Positivity 2. Includer 3. Woo

If you know Adam, you might think that these assessments are dead on. But there's much more complexity "underneath the hood" of the 32 year old internet marketer and audio architect.  

The origins of Adam's personality are unknown. You can't pin it down to any one source, rather a collection of sources where Adam has fostered inspiration. "I get my positivity and caring spirit from my Mom, my business mind and organization from my Dad, willingness to talk to anyone and everyone from my Grandmother, my grit and goofiness from my sister. That's just family; I haven't touched on friends and acquaintances. Everyone on this planet has taught me something. Name someone and I'll tell you what they've taught me."

After growing up in Denver, NC, Adam returned to his birthplace of Charlotte, NC in 2005. He attended undergrad and postgrad at UNC Charlotte where he received a Bachelor of Science in Marketing and a MBA in management.  He met his wife there, another Charlotte native, and they moved to Uptown area in 2013. Along with their cat Flint, they enjoy living in the Queen City and witnessing its constant growth. 




P.O. Box 31833 | Charlotte, NC 28231


Adam's Specialties... 

Internet Marketing

Adam is an active internet marketer. He has experience creating profitable lead generation campaigns for local businesses. He utilizes services like Facebook, Google, YouTube and more. He has experience building and managing his own e-commerce brands. Some of these brands produce six figures in revenue per year. Also, Adam mentors and consults for other local business owners. He helps develop unique marketing strategies through one-on-one consultation and group mastermind settings. 

voiceover talent

Adam's love for both acting and audio lends itself as a natural bridge to the world of voice over. He gets the job done at his professional project studio in Charlotte. He creates video and audio adverts and marketing pieces using top quality gear. Adam's one of a kind voice brings his and other brands' products and services to life.

music production

Adam has maintained an interest for music and music production since an early age. He began writing and recording his own songs as early as the age of 8. In a studio setting, he currently writes, produces, records, and mixes music. He works in genres like Hip Hop, R&B, Electronica, and Pop. He is proficient in modern age DAWs like Pro Tools, FL Studio, Logic, and Adobe Audition. In a live setting, he has served eight years as a top sound tech for Mosaic Church in Charlotte, North Carolina. He also serves other local area churches and music halls like Tremont Music Hall. Adam started disc jockeying events in 2016. He DJs for local area events like parties, weddings, and other gatherings. 

Acting talent

Adam has been an actor on stage since an early age. He has participated in drama camps and has landed roles in local theater guilds and schools. In recent years, Adam has transferred this skill over to video. He helps local organizations bring life to their products through enthusiasm and energy. He does the same for local churches, helping them create bumper videos for new series'.  


"If a picture tells a thousand words, video tells a million". This is why Adam has spent hundreds of hours developing his skill set as a story teller through video. He shoots and edits his own travel videos. He incorporates b-roll, lower thirds graphics, voice over, transitions, and more. He also creates "explainer" videos for his own products, clients' products, and advertisements.


Adam has always had a love for writing. He has written short stories and blogs for many years. He met his wife at a literary arts reception where he had a couple of his poems published. As a copywriter, Adam has extended his love for writing even further. He incorporates persuasive writing techniques into his love for creative writing. 


Adam’s true strengths lie in his ability to build relationships.
As a natural social connector, he is invaluable because
he can pull a team together and form relationships between
people who might not have met otherwise.

Adam stands out in a world of “what’s in it for me” people
because of his obvious genuineness and humility.
— Brandon C. Nolte


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